The Start to My Love of Cooking

Growing up with divorced parents has some benefits; I grew up with two strong, female figures in my life. Both my mom and my step-mom are great cooks and bakers. To this day my mom is the one that signs up to bring all the deserts to Christmas. While a couple of different items would be sufficient, this woman has to make 5-10 different types of cookies, several types of fudge and candy, cakes, and whatever else she decides to whip up. My step-mom has to be known as the Treat Queen at work as she is always baking up something delicious and sharing it with others. Both of these woman show love and kindness through their food. It is a beautiful (AND delicious) thing.

While I was always around people cooking and baking, my true love and interest in the topic didn’t start until high school. I remember when I started to watch Rachael Ray’s show on Food Network. Instantly, I became hooked. Rachael Ray led to an all out Food Network obsession. I also began collecting cookbooks at that time. There’s something so intriguing to me about pouring over the beautiful pictures of perfectly cooked meals and baked goods.

As my interest grew I began helping out in the kitchen more with my mom. I continued watching Food Network and reading cookbooks. When I moved out on my own, I really started cooking, baking, and experimenting with different recipes. I should mention that although I love scouring through recipes, I am not much of a recipe follower. I read and watch things that inspire to make my own version. For this reason, I don’t do a ton of baking. I find it much easier to experiment with cooking. When it comes to baking, I typically follow the rules and know that some other science-minded foodie has figured out the perfect mixture to make something wonderfully decadent.

To me, food isn’t about stuffing your face all of the time, but about bringing people together. It is a way to show love, kindness, and welcoming to others. There is nothing better than preparing delicious food to share with others and seeing the smile and satisfaction it can bring to them.


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